Privacy Policy

At Our Machinery we take privacy seriously. Our company's business is to make game engines. Not to sell your data.

What information do we collect?

The email and hashed password of your account

We need store this to make it possible for you to log in and out of your account.

Information you voluntarily share with us

This includes any information typed into our web forms or sent to us, for example:

  • Survey data filled in when you register your account.
  • Emails sent to addresses.
  • Forum posts made to
  • Issues, comments and discussions posted on our GitHub pages.

By voluntarily providing this information to us, you consent to us storing and processing it.

Note that we don't keep separate copies of data stored by Gmail or GitHub, it's all stored on their servers.

Session cookies

When you sign in to your account on the web site, we create a session cookie in your browser to remember that you are logged in. (Without this cookie, you would have to log in again on every single page.) This cookie stores a session identifier and is deleted when you sign out of your account.

Similarly, our blog post commenting system ( uses a session cookie. If you sign in to the commenting system using GitHub, the cookie is set.

Google Analytics (web)

We use Google Analytics to track the number of hits we get on our web pages. We do this to get an idea of how popular our various pages are, how effective we are at reaching the gamedev community, etc.

To minimize the privacy impact of Google Analytics, we use Google Analytics with the {storage: 'none'} setting. With this setting, no user tracking cookies will be stored in your web browser.

Google Analytics (The Machinery)

We also use Google Analytics to track the use of The Machinery and get an idea of how many live users of The Machinery there are and which parts of The Machinery they use the most.

To minimize the privacy impact of this, the Google Analytics tracking in The Machinery uses a random number as the client-id that cannot be connected to any other data.

You can disable Google Analytics tracking for The Machinery in the application settings.

What do we do with the information we collect?

Emails and hashed passwords are used to provide access to your account.

We might occasionally use email addresses to send emails to all users. For example, if there was a data breach and hashed passwords might have leaked.

The other collected data: surveys, Google Analytics data, etc is used for us to better understand the Our Machinery community: where our users are located, what they are using The Machinery for, to what extent they engage with our blog posts, etc. The ultimate goal is to serve the community better, nurture it, and help it grow.

Where is the information stored?

Your data is stored on servers owned by The Machinery. These servers are physically located in the US. Passwords are stored hashed with a salt to minimize the impact of any database leak. (Note that your password could still be exposed to brute force attacks in case of a leak, so you should choose a strong password and not reuse it on different sites.)

In addition, data managed by third-party services are stored on their respective servers. This includes things like:

  • Google Analytics data (stored on Google Analytics servers).

  • Emails sent to (stored on Gmail servers).

  • Github issues, discussions and comments (stored on GitHub servers).

Who do we share the information with?

Your information is only used by Our Machinery, our employees, and contractors.

How long do we keep your information?

We keep your account information as long as you have an active account at To delete your account information, you can either delete your account or contact us and request for it to be deleted (see below).

Our policy on children’s information

To create an account on and use The Machinery, you must be old enough to be able to consent to our storing and processing of your data, according to the laws in the country where you live.

Retrieving and deleting your information

If you want to receive a copy of the information we have stored about you or if you want to request us to delete all your information, send an email to [email protected].