What's happening this year

Hello Friends! Just a quick update on what’s happening this year. We feel 2019 is going to be a big year for us. We’ve decided that it is time for us to start looking at growing Our Machinery beyond the three of us, which also means securing external funding and/or revenue. It’s also time to start getting The Machinery out there in some form. We’ve gotten a lot of great comments during our Alpha which will help us move towards Closed Beta.

So how is this going to all happen? What’s the plan? Well…. we don’t quite know yet. We’ve been happy and productive self-funding and could keep doing that, but we think that with a few more people working with us we could accelerate the process of putting our company philosophies into realities. We’ve had several companies interested in acquiring us, but so far it hasn’t been the right fit for what we want to do with The Machinery. We’re doing the due diligence to see what the best way of getting funding for a few more people is, whether it’s VC’s, Corporate Investors, Angels, or even Friends and Family. In our ideal utopia, if we could make it with just our friends investing, our co-workers invested, everything open-sourced and everyone making a decent income, we would! But can we make that a reality?

We’ve also been a bit vague on what we are doing exactly, even though it should be pretty clear to everybody that we are somewhere in the 3D engine space. One thing over the years of doing PR and Marketing that I learned, I don’t want to prematurely announce things and the guys agreed. We want to make sure that our tech is usable and something that will solve real-world problems, before we present it as a product. I’ve seen too many times when new tech companies or even games announce early, then need to pivot drastically or it just looks like smoke and mirrors. We do not want that!

Why all the transparency? That’s one our company’s tenets. We want you to know what’s going on as much as possible. It helps to keep us in check, get feedback from the community, and perhaps start conversations. We are hoping that asking us questions on the podcast or tweeting us gets everyone on board with being able to approach us on anything. Granted, we are only three people building this, but we try really hard to get back to everyone.

A couple of quick things for you:

  1. We’ll be at GDC this year! If you are interested in supporting or using our technology please [email protected].

  2. Our 2nd GDC meetup is happening Tuesday evening, March 19th. More details to come, but if you are attending GDC we’d love to meet you. We’ll do a quick demo during the meetup.

  3. Do you have questions for the podcast? We’ve got several more episodes left to post, but we’ll be making more podcasts at GDC. Please tweet us more questions or [email protected].

  4. We hope you are having a good new year so far. We are excited for our future and hope yours is looking amazing as well!