We are Starting a Business, ideally -- Part 1

Ever since we started Our Machinery, we’ve explored different avenues to figure out what direction we want to go with our technology — The Machinery. We think we’ve finally figured out what we want to do. Unfortunately, this is not an announcement blog (I wish!) but I want to just go through what we are doing to prepare for announcing and building the company. My WaSaBi (We are Starting a Business, ideally) blog will be an 8-parter, stepping you through what we are thinking, constructing, doing on making Our Machinery open for business.

Currently, we are finalizing our Mission Statement and our Business Plan. Our next step, which I find super exciting, is putting together what positions we want to hire for our teams during this first stage. We want to be as efficient as possible, hire the right number of people where the work doesn’t get too diluted (hiring too many) or where the work is stacked on people and the work/life balance is off (hiring not enough). We also want to get level skills across the board from salty seadogs (senior level with a lot of experience) to fresh biscuits (people that are just starting out, whether they are out of school or interested in switching careers). I’ll go into more of that in another blog in this series, but if you have read my past blogs, you will understand how much we want to diversify our company.

We also want to prepare for hiring immediately, which means creating our company handbook. We’ve made a list of things we loved and hated in our past companies and we are trying to find the best situations for our future employees. For example, I HATED when I worked for a company based in Europe and those offices all got tons of vacation days, but the US office didn’t. We are going to put together a comprehensive Company Days Off list that is comparable for our Swedish and American offices. We are also going to follow Swedish guidelines on vacation, parental leave, and time off. The three of us believe that rest is super important to have happy, healthy employees. Another thing I really hated was how HR was always for the company and not for the employee. I want to make sure that everyone at Our Machinery is held accountable for any misconduct whether it’s us (the founders), senior management down to the interns. We’ll have a process in place that will help employees feel safe and empowered. More of that again, in another blog. The whole purpose of all this is to show transparency, gain input, and improve.

Speaking of transparency, we’ve been approached several times over the last couple of years on early acquisitions. Even though we have great relationships and respect with all the companies that had interest in us, none of them were quite the right fit. We are always open to talking to companies and teams that are interested in collaboration, but for the time being, we’ve decided to move forward in securing capital on our own. I’ve already started the process of looking for our initial series of funding. My focus in the next few months will be getting money parallel to finalizing our company policies. I hope we’ll be able to announce everything and start hiring before GDC 2020. Wish me luck!