Quick Update

Hey Friends! This blog is going to be short and sweet. I wanted to give you a quick update since last I posted. We had an amazing GDC this year. Developers at our meetings were really excited about The Machinery, which in turned got us excited. Sometimes when you are working on something isolated (just the three of us), you question, “Is this worth it? Will developers like it? Will it be useful?” Hearing all the positive feedback really cemented that what we are doing is the right road to follow.

We had a great Our Machinery Meetup. Thank you for all that came and checked out our demo, noshed and drank with us. We know we are competing with other parties, meetings, and hang outs so we appreciate your time.

I promised you a new season of the podcast to be recorded at GDC since the three of us would be together. Unfortunately, our schedules got slammed last minute and we didn’t have the energy to muster up recording the session. We do have a whole slew of questions to answer that we want to record. We’ve decided to just do the recording online and see how it goes. It’s best when we three are all in the room, but the next time that will happen is months away and I don’t want to keep you all waiting.

Summer is almost here, we are heads down pushing our Pre-Alpha to an Alpha to a Closed Beta as well as making plans on funding, how to expand the team, and get The Machinery out there into the world. More details to come as they unfold!