Vertex Assembly and Skinning

Last summer I wrote a blog about the System’s concept of the shader system that we have in The Machinery. Most of what was described in that post is still intact with what we have today, except the anticipated variation selection rewrite that is nowadays handled using the mentioned bitmask approach.


Tobias Persson  

We are Starting a Business, ideally -- Part 1

Ever since we started Our Machinery, we’ve explored different avenues to figure out what direction we want to go with our technology — The Machinery. We think we’ve finally figured out what we want to do. Unfortunately, this is not an announcement blog (I wish!) but I want to just go through what we are doing to prepare for announcing and building the company. My WaSaBi (We are Starting a Business, ideally) blog will be an 8-parter, stepping you through what we are thinking, constructing, doing on making Our Machinery open for business.


Tricia Gray  

Data Structures Part 2: Indices

In my last post, I concluded that the best way to store most things is to use a large unsorted array. I sneakily avoided mentioning that there is one thing that large unsorted arrays are exceptionally bad at – finding things! But maybe emphasizing that it was a large, unsorted array gave you a hint?

In this post, I’ll try to remedy that.


Niklas Gray