2021 Recap

As 2021 is coming to a close, we’d like to light a few candles, pour a glass of Glögg, and look back at what has happened at Our Machinery over the last twelve months and what is in stock for the future.

On the business side of things, we secured our first round of funding from a group of angel investors. We’re excited to be able to use this money to accelerate the development of The Machinery. But we’re even more excited that the investment came from a group of game industry veterans that believe in the future of The Machinery and want to be a part of it — Linus Blomberg and Viktor Blomberg from Avalanche, Rikard Blomberg and Martin Wahlund from Fatshark, and a direct investment from Arrowhead Game Studios.

We also launched our Licensing Model — you can now get The Machinery, including the full source code, and use it for your projects. We’re super happy about all the people that signed up for it. There is still a couple of days left to get in on our Early Adopter’s price — until the end of the year, the engine is half-price off and you keep that price for the next five years.

On the technical side of things, a lot of stuff happened in 2021 as well.

At the start of the year, we added Linux Support. We also added support for M1 CPUs and did some early experiments with compiling for Emscripten.

On the rendering side, we moved completely to Bindless Resource Management. We also added Raytracing Support as well as an Atmospheric Sky component and support for Real-Time Reflections and Screen Space Ambient Occlusion. Some of these features can be seen in our Procedural Forest Demo.

The editor saw a lot of improvements too, both productivity features, such as Workspaces, Tab Overlays, and Customizable Shortcuts, as well as look-and-feel-enhancements such as Icon and UI Touchup and Thumbnails in the Asset Browser. We’ve also done an overhaul of the Properties Tab and started to work on Improved Accessibility.

A bunch of new features and systems also saw the light of day in 2021: Custom Fonts, In-Game UIs, Animation Constraints, Saved Games, Multiplayer, Graph Breakpoints, and Property Animations, just to name a few.

For 2022, expect broader platform support, global illumination support, better collaboration, cutscene animation tools, and better support for large worlds — along with some new exciting things that we have yet to announce.

On the community side, our Discord is livelier than ever. We really appreciate having a direct line of communication with everybody who is using your engine. We rely on your feedback, good or bad, to keep making it better. In 2021 we also wrapped up Season 3 of our Podcast and we’re making plans for Season 4 right now. And as always, we keep sharing our findings in this Blog.

And hopefully, with the vaccination rates going up, in 2022 we’ll finally be able to see more of you in person. We have a lot of exciting things planned for the next year and we can’t wait to show them to you.

by The Machinery Team