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The Machinery — July 2021 (version 2021.7)

This July release is our first major release of The Machinery since we announced our license model and our Early Adopters program. Thanks so much to everybody who has purchased a license! And thanks so much to everyone who is helping us by posting bug reports on our issue tracker, feature requests and other discussion topics on Discord, and even pull requests with bug fixes and new features. It is great to see that the community is as excited about making The Machinery better as we are. I hope you find us responsive and approachable. Please come to us with any issues you have.

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Early Adopters Program


A lot of you beautiful people have been asking us for some time now, how much is The Machinery going to cost??? And we’ve been a bit silent about it. Not because we wanted to withhold the information for some crazy fancy launch, but we really didn’t know ourselves. We did a ton of research and got a lot of feedback with different pricing models and we finally landed on something:

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