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Procedural Forest Sample

Today we are releasing a new sample project for The Machinery that we call Procedural Forest. It is our own interpretation of Robert Berg’s excellent UE4 scene with the same name. The Procedural Forest sample The main purpose of this sample is to demonstrate some more advanced features that can be achieved using Creation Graphs, such as: How complex material graphs can be organized in a simple way by using subgraph prototypes. More »


Moving The Machinery to Bindless

It’s been quite some time since I wrote anything about the low-level rendering architecture in The Machinery, but recently a lot of stuff has happened and one thing in particular feels worth covering: I’m happy to say that I finally feel that we have reached a pretty nice solution to one of my biggest frustration points in our rendering APIs — the resource binding model. I.e. the way we expose access to GPU resources (such as buffers or textures) to the shaders.

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