Minimalist container library in C (part 1)

At Our Machinery, we’re strong believers in minimalism — we’re always trying to make things simpler and smaller. The more code you have in a project, the more you have to worry about. There is more to understand, optimize, debug, refactor, port, modernize, document, etc, etc. More code, more problems!


Niklas Gray

A year in review

Hello friends!

This year was really exciting for us, to start working on The Machinery and in the process informing you about how we are thinking and doing things here at Our Machinery. As we mentioned on Twitter, all of us are taking the rest of the year off, because next year is going to be a big one for us and we want to make sure we get proper rest for it. In the meantime, we’ve listed out our blogs here for you so if you get bored over the winter break, you can read what we are doing.


Tricia, Niklas, and Tobias

Vulkan: Pipelines and Render States

This will be the last post in my mini-series of posts covering some of the performance critical aspects of our Vulkan render backend. In my previous two posts I covered management of Descriptor Sets and Command Buffers. In today’s post I will describe how we deal with the creation and look up of VkPipelines, and also touch on our system for dynamically changing render states.


Tobias Persson

Marketing Mini Series Part 4: PR (Public Relations)

A question I’m often asked by developers is, “Do I really need PR?” Another one I get a lot is, “Should I hire a PR person or firm, or should I just do it myself?” Here’s my thinking on these questions:


Tricia Gray